About Us


U.P. Truck Center began business in 1985 as G & S Welding & Truck Repair with Tom Sullivan and Jerry Grailer as the original owners.  In 1986 Tom & Beth Sullivan became the sole owners and operated under the original name for the next 8 years.  In 1994 the Western Star dealership became available and with that change came a new name, U.P. Western Star.  A major building expansion was completed shortly and the company began a dedicated program of truck set-up to meet the growing needs of our customers.  The Star West Trailer line was started in 1995 and we opened a new era of durable light weight equipment for the log truck industry.  In the following years, we installed many log loaders, lift axles and manufactured an industry leading log rack for our customers. 

During the fall of 2000, Western Star Trucks was purchased by Daimler Chrysler / Freightliner who had previously acquired the Ford Heavy Duty Truck, renaming that product Sterling Trucks.  As a present Western Star Truck dealer, we were offered the Sterling Truck franchise and were officially awarded the dealership in January of 2001.  With this new product, we felt the name of our business needed to be changed to better reflect our position in the market place.  We then became U.P. Truck Center, Inc.