Western Star Gliders

The Next Best Thing to a New Truck

Design, engineered and assembled alongside new Western Star trucks, a Glider gives you everything a new truck offers except two of the three main driveline components (Engine, Transmission and Rear Axle). You can either recapitalize any of these from your existing unit, or spec a factory-installed remanufactured engine or remanufactured rear axle.

A Glider Kit comes to you as a brand-new, complete assembly that includes the frame, cab, steer axle and wheels, plus a long list of standard equipment.  Every Glider also comes with a loose parts box containing up to 160 parts – everything you need to get rolling.

Save on FET

Get new truck performance without paying US Federal Excise Tax. When you purchase a Western Star Glider, you may be exempt from FET, giving you a substantial savings of 12%. Additionally, a new Glider is often deductible as a new truck purchase and may qualify as a depreciable asset. Consult your tax professional about the tax implications for your specific operation. Ruling 91-27

Backed by a New Truck Warranty

Unlike a used truck, every factory-installed component on a Glider is covered by Western Star’s New Truck Warranty. This gives you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is backed by Western Star’s to provide you with expert service, unmatched parts availability and total customer support.

  • 1 Year / 100,000 miles on the basic vehicle, including 100% parts & labor
  • 3 Years / 300,000 miles on cab structure
  • 6 years / 750,000 miles on the frame and cross members
  • Extended service coverage is available

Higher Resale Value

Because your Glider comes to you as a new model year truck with a new vehicle identification number (VIN), it retains better resale value than many used units.

Powered Glider Program

Daimler Trucks offers the ONLY powered Glider on the Market – which is a huge benefit to our customer’s cost, ease of assembly & reliability of their Glider Kit.

1998 EPA Engines are available from Detroit, Caterpillar, Cummins and Mercedes.

*Core charges may apply